Tyler Mason Music


With a sudden flame, Tyler Mason's two-album blaze ignited the Chicago independent music scene, launching Small Trees (2009), and the (partially) self-titled Mason (2010) into the ceiling of the local underground. Garnering multiple writing awards for tracks And I Love Her, and Kingdom, Mason makes a valiant effort to fill the insatiable appetite for his showmanship as a permanent installment in Chicago's speak-easy circuit. Opening for The Black Keys, Tim Reynolds, and Crush as they breeze through the Windy City underground, Mason finds the perfect platform to launch his most recent album, Love Is Enough (2014), featuring his IndieArt-awarded Christmas Is This Moment. As tracks Homeboundand Great Sun still (thankfully?) swirl below the mainstream radar, it's only a matter of time before Tyler Mason explodes from the underground smoke of independent obscurity. So, before this star goes supernova--
Let's enjoy the last precious moments of Tyler Mason minor, our very own, twinkling, home-grown secret. 




Tyler Mason is a fictional character and all music, material and copyrights belong to Moi Navarro.