High School

Wednesday Nights

@ 7pm in the Warehouse West

We meet every Wednesday for a variety of high and low energy services including activities, worship and a message.

Sunday Mornings

@ 9am in the Warehouse East

Wake up with SCG High School as we dive into the Word!

Our Sunday Morning Service consists of worship, free breakfast, and community groups.

After our 9am High School Service, join us as we head over to main campus @ 10:30.

We are excited to announce that SCG HIGH is taking part in City Impact San Francisco! The trip will be July 10th-15th, 2017. The cost is $800.00 (this includes meals, airfare, transportation and accommodations while in San Francisco.) While there, our group will get to participate in projects such as feeding programs, evangelism, street worship, living space renovations for low-income housing, and much more! we have provided the URL to the City Impact Missions page which is full of information and resources. Feel free to take a look at the details of what all City Impact does! Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions!

Click Here to sign up Online today!

Questions? Email Kyle@seacoastgrace.org

For more information contact the Student Ministries office @ 1.714.761.5100 or email Kyle