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A different world exists just three hours south of SeaCoast Grace, across the Mexican border near the cities of Tijuana and Tecate. In the hills outside the city, a steady flow of economic migrants run into an emotional and physical wall in their journey north. Unable to cross into the United States, they build makeshift homes in desperately poor shantytowns without water, electricity or sewer systems. Often thought of as a temporary stop, these communities become a permanent home for thousands. Though poverty is severe, God is at work bringing hope and transformation to the region. SeaCoast Grace has sponsored trips to Mexico for nearly two decades, building homes, blessing families and changing lives. 

We have two amazing trips to Mexico you can participate in! Mexico Clásico has been builidng houses in Girasoles for years and continues to be a blessing to the community and those on the trip. Mexico Nuevo works in Tijuana with a local pastor to transform the community through whatever means possible; building the church, feeding the kids, teaching VBS and reaching out to the community. 

Mexico Nuevo Trip - Tijuana

When: TBD

Cost: $200 per person, this includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, one night accommodation in a hotel and building supplies (we stay in Hotel Tecuán We will bring a light breakfast or you can eat in the hotel at your own expense. 

What: We will be helping our church partners prepare for their big anniversary celebration! This will include construction to expand the church as well as some community projects.

Mexico Clásico Trip - Tecate 

When: TBD

Cost: $225 per person, this includes food and supplies *Gas and Mexican car insurance not included. Accomodation is ranch style bunk house. Group caravans to Tecate.