“My mother is a sex worker.....is infected with HIV/AIDS....I have no idea who my father is...I was born in a brothel in Siliguri, India....”

Unfortunately this is the story of too many young girls in Siliguri, India. Countless young girls can relate to the horrors in this story. We have the opportunity to change this story. Let's change this story together and be part of giving Forever Hope to these young girls.

Verity, in partnership with SCG is embarking on an exciting new project with the potential to save hundreds of lives. Our partners for many years in Siliguri, India have been taking young girls, as young as 2, out of brothels and into a safe environment. We want to come along side them and help them be able to take in more girls. We never want a child to be turned away because of a lack of funding. We are going to sponsor each girl that comes to our partners for help.

Most of these young girls have horrific stories of being taken advantage of, beaten, neglected and forgotten. We believe no child should have to suffer such atrocities. While we cannot change what they have been through we can change where they are going. We can offer them Forever Hope. Through Forever Hope we can provide these young girls with education, school uniforms, food, shelter, medical attention and a safe loving environment.

If you would like to sponsor one of these at risk girls here's how:

Half Sponsorship $40 per month

Full Sponsorship $80 per month

You can donate online or drop a check in the offering (please put Forever Hope in the memo).

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